Golf Tournament Anyone?

May 31, 2017

Plan the Perfect Golf Tournament   It’s the season for raising money while having fun on the golf course.  If you’re hosting or sponsoring an upcoming golf tournament, remember...

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Let's Get Connected

Jan 31, 2017

Hello….  I am very excited to start writing and posting blogs about marketing, branding and promotion this year.  My goal in doing so is to help businesses understand how to get notic...

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Tips for A Successful Trade Show

Dec 04, 2017

TIPS FOR A SUCCESFUL TRADE SHOW    Quality Over Quantity While it can be tempting to purchase and logo as many small items as possible for use at a show, you shouldn’t buy things th...

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A Basic Explanation of File Formats

Feb 10, 2017

We hear a lot of confusion about file formats.  There are two types of graphics created on a computer.  These are raster and vector.   Raster images, also known as pixel or paint image...

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